Hello, welcome to my world, which, in real life, consists of living in Strasbourg with my wife and baby daughter  (and cat). For all intents and purposes this site will host my writing, of all sorts, but especially that dealing with a. science, technology, and all things geek; and b. personal stuff which I have a mad urge to share with the world.

And so, let’s start with geek: I’ve been involved in the practical and philosophical aspects of futurism, life extension and biotechnology for several years. During my undergraduate studies I wrote an academic paper discussing the field of programmed cell death research, which sparked my interest in the subject of societal cellular behavior, consciousness, evolution, and how these subjects relate to humanity’s present and future. These make up a substantial part of what I use this website to write about.

I hold a Ph.D. in Immunology at the University of Cambridge and an MBA degree from Vlerick Management School, Belgium. In between these two study periods I worked for several years towards helping realize some of the practical applications of biology and life extension research, taking part in setting up a leading stem cell therapy company. I currently am working at Abbott Labs on several large-scale strategic projects, which have really allowed me a good overview many aspects of the healthcare market and pharma industry, a good complement to my previous biotech experience.

My interests lie in a wide range of fields: human and machine evolution, computers and technology, life extension, their actual and potential inter-relations, as well as current and future implications. A good introduction to my vision on these subjects is given in the article Evolution and the Internet: Toward A Networked Humanity? which you can find here on the site.

And with regards to things non-supergeek, I like to do a variety of sports, read, watch movies, and learn, learn, learn. Any day in which you learn something is a day well spent.

Contact: firstname.lastname (at) gmail.com

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