During the last several long train/plane trips which I’ve taken over the past year or so I’ve bought and read the printed edition of Wired. Wired-Logo

Now, Wired is one of the best known geek-zines (leg-en-dary), and I’ve been reading it for over a decade. However, when I contrast my experience when reading it these days with that of reading it ten years ago, it feels to me that the current publications just do not stand up to the same standard.

I’ve found I had this feeling after going through several issues.  wired_coverIt used to be, in the “good old days” that I couldn’t put the magazine down – the vast majority of articles and items were interesting, profound, visionary, exciting (see this article as a good example of what you could find), or any combination of the above. These days I just find it very…well..flat, uninteresting, mundane.

I’ve thought whether this is simply me, whether my interests have changed and the mag has stayed more or less the same? No, I don’t think what I look for has changed. It seems to be some editorial decision, though I’m flummoxed as to why would someone “dumb it down” – more varied offers for more “reader segments”? New readership with new, different, interests?

Please, can someone enlighten me as to what’s happened, am I alone in finding the new editions so bland, and/or where I can find a magazine which captures the spirit which Wired used to capture and carry so well?