In a major break with all things baby, a post about the universe, and pringles, and black holes. In a nutshell – physics. As Guy correctly called it: “Geek”.

So, a (long) recent New Scientist article suggest we may be living in a hologram. While that is a brain-warping idea, let’s first start with my favourite quote from this serious scientific article:

“…He showed that the physics inside a hypothetical universe with five dimensions and shaped like a Pringle is the same as the physics taking place on the four-dimensional boundary.”

The obvious questions here being: does god eat pringles? Would a dorito-shape universe not work better?


In any case, apparently the fact that the GEO600 experiment (a gravitational wave detector in Germany)  had encountered weird background noise during it’s operation may mean that our daily lives are holographic projections from physical processes which take place on a remote 2D surface at the edge of the universe (next to the restaurant, of course). While this may sound either exciting, mind blowing or just plain weird (depending on your nerdiness quotient), apparently it’s quite a big deal in physics circles. Personally, it just sounds very sci-fi to me.

If you’re really interested, the physics beyond the fanciful title is based upon the fact that similar to the tiny quantum waves at black hole event horizons which encode the information inside black holes (thus solving the conundrum of how black holes slowly disappear without apparently losing information), the ripples at the edge of the universe encode the information inside the universe.  Thus, the 3-dimensional information concerning our universe and everything in may be encoded in ripples in the event horizon of the universe (“the boundary from beyond which light has not had time to reach us in the 13.7-billion-year lifespan of the universe”) .

How’s that for the ‘surprisingly different post of the month’ award then?

Source:  Our world may be a giant hologram