And so, 9 months of waiting have finally ended with the arrival of her excellency, the royal baby of the local Belkin branch.  While we were diligent in preparing ourselves as much as possible for the delivery and what to expect afterwards, we were, of course, caught by surprise by both the sequence of events during the former and the radical changes to our life in the latter.

Anna had veered towards as natural a birth as possible during the pregnancy, and even on the final day, in the hospital, was considering going for a water birth. However, things frequently take an ironic twist and due to unforeseen developments we ended up going for the exact opposite – a C-section!

However, all’s well that ends well, and after 5 days in hospital we were all well back at home. Anna’s mom is here to help out, and my mom will follow. Honestly I cannot figure out how some people manage without help during this period – it’s practically being a slave to a little person who is preoccupied with three things only – sleeping, eating and excreting in quite an amazing variety of ways.  And crying a lot along the way. It’s enough to drive several people sharing the responsibility bonkers, so I can only imagine what a mother alone would go through…such as what my mom did when I was born.

So the little one has clearly gotten many physical characteristics from Anna (good for her), but what she did get from my side is a ravenous appetite which Anna is struggling to meet. Seriously, that’s one hungry little person. This may not be the best thing she can get from our side, but heck, at least it’s something, right?

So now I’m back to work, trying to overcome a slightly disturbed sleep pattern (hey, I was tired enough beforehand!), even with Anna shouldering most, if not all, of the nightly responsibilities during the week. Anna tries to get enough sleep, and it seems that the baby tends to sleep more in the afternoons and early evenings and less well at night! Which of course makes our life quite chaotic. I hope she’ll flip over to normalcy soon!

With a two day gap between the two grandma’s falling on a weekend, we will finally hope to have friends over to see the small wonder. Everyone has been asking about this, but very understanding of the pressure we’ve been under. However, it will be good to see some people as we’ve been stuck in the ‘groundhog day’ baby routine for two weeks now…

Will update soon,